Let us introduce ourselves

The Hellenic Community of W.A has a vibrant and ever-growing history of teaching and the learning of the Greek language and culture for over 100 years. Since the era of Rev. Germanos Iliou in 1914, thousands of school students of Hellenic descent have attended our classes and many of our graduates have attained successful careers as prominent Australian citizens profoundly enhancing the broader Western Australian community. In fact, Greek language and culture as well as Greek Orthodox ethos go hand in hand and combinedly enhance the merits and core values of our lasting Hellenic heritage, through our mother tongue, that is the Greek language. Furthermore one of the strengths of the HCWA is its Greek language program that is always in high demand by our members and the greater community.

The program is designed to:
Develop children’s interest in the Greek language and culture promoting the Greek Orthodox ethos and core values of our Hellenic heritage. Help children understand and cultivate the Greek language and culture through themes, activities, and games appropriate to their age and ability. Provide vast opportunities for children to communicate effectively in Greek real-life situations.Extend the conceptual development of children by developing their social skills in order that they will appreciate and respect individuality. Create an enjoyable atmoshpere that will motivate students to participate in learning the Greek language.

The mission of the HCWA is the promotion of the Greek language and culture. With this in mind, we offer a variety of courses tailored to different types of audiences from beginners and intermediate speakers to Greeks who may wish to re-engage in learning Greek. Furthermore, new courses are regularly added throughout the year. Regardless of where you are in your journey of learning Greek, we will find a spot to accommodate you. We offer a supportive, student-centred environment held in St. Andrews Grammar, Dianella and the Hellenic Community Centre in Northbridge, serving the learning needs of our prospective students and the expectations of our parents. 

Welcoming message from our Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is my utmost honour to formally welcome you to the 2022 school year that begins on the 12th of February. As the school principal, I am eager and excited to begin what promises to be a very successful year. It will be yet again another year of challenges and obstacles that we will have to surpass to cultivate the seed of knowledge in our community.

This year, we plan to offer a new and exciting school program to our students, which will combine the learning of the Greek language and culture, the Greek Orthodox ethos, with practical aspects of our traditional values, blended with exciting teaching methods which will combine both classroom and on-line teaching.

Our emphasis will be placed on the level of linguistic competence for each individual student. Students will be placed in groups according to their ability and their needs. Special learning sessions will be implemented for beginners and intermediate groups. There will be three levels of teaching for those students who may use Greek at home; those who do not use Greek at home as well as those who may use Greek as a Second and/or a Foreign Language.

Our school has a history of a lively and continuous Greek teaching tradition for almost one hundred and ten years. With respect to this historic institution of learning, we shall continue on addressing and fulfilling the needs of students. We believe that your support, participation and input will be instrumental in achieving our goals and also fulfilling your expectations as parents.

We are available to answer any of your questions. Feel free to contact me with any queries you may have.

Thanking you for your continued support,



Professional Educators

With our teaching staff that are enthusiastic, loyal and highly professional educators you can't go wrong. They bring a wealth of knowledge, passion and commitment to their lessons by supporting and enhancing the Greek Language,
Culture and Ethos. 

Progressive Educational Programs

Whilst the more traditional methods of education will always be in hand we must recognise that a more progressive, engaging and hands-on approach will also be tailored to assist our educators in the classroom. Changing perspectives, enhancing collaboration, preparing life-long learners. 

Culture, Knowledge & Diversity

Creating a classroom environment where children feel safe, free and included. Opening our hearts and arms and embracing all Hellenes and Hellenes at heart with respect and dedication in sharing our knowledge and culture. Everyone is welcome.

What Our Parents Say