We are very proud to announce that in 2022 for the very first time ever our school is in the position to offer Modern Greek ATAR courses as part of the WACE in conjunction with the School Curriculum and Standards Authority. Students typically study Unit 1 and Unit 2 in year 11 and Unit 3 and 4 in year 12.

Our school will deliver the course, including a school-based assessment program and external examinations  and will establish a relationship with each of the main schools that its students are attending. Registration of the course and enrollment of the students through each main school will ensure our school’s assessment program and student achievement is recognized by the Authority.

In fact, our school will deliver the course with its teaching and assessment programs based on the WACE version of the Modern Greek syllabus and Authority assessment requirements.

On completion of the Year 11 and/ or the Year 12 pair of units, our school will determine a grade and a school mark out of 100 for each student and provide these to the main school.

Why should a student study Modern Greek ATAR?
In all this, the good news is that Universities will apply a 10% bonus to WACE students who undertake Modern Greek studies in Year 12 for the purpose of determining their Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).